List of Amyloid β-Protein and Related Products

Amyloid β-Protein Fragments

Code Compound Package
4307-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-40) 0.5 mg vial
4379-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-40) [HCl Form] 0.5 mg vial
4349-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-42) 0.5 mg vial
4370-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-43) 0.5 mg vial
4359-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-16) 0.5 mg vial
4481-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-28) 0.5 mg vial
4484-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-38) 0.5 mg vial
4492-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 11-40) 0.5 mg vial
4493-v [Pyr11]-Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 11-40) 0.5 mg vial
4309-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 25-35) 0.5 mg vial
4367-v [Pyr3]-Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 3-42) 0.5 mg vial
4358-v β-Sheet Breaker Peptide iAβ5 5 mg vial
AF-683 Amyloid β-Protein (1-42, O-acyl isopeptide) 2 mg bulk
4518-v APP669-711 0.5 mg vial

Amyloid β-Protein Control Peptides

Code Compound Package
4413-s Amyloid β-Protein (40-1) 0.1 mg vial
4420-s Amyloid β-Protein (42-1) 0.1 mg vial
4513-s Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-40) (Scrambled) 0.1 mg vial
4514-s Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-42) (Scrambled) 0.1 mg vial

Neuronal Protectant against Toxic Aβ42 Oligomers

Code Compound Package
4485-v p3-Alcβ37 0.5 mg vial
4510-v p3-Alcβ9-19 0.5 mg vial

β-Secretase Inhibitor

Code Compound Package
4378-v Lys-Thr-Glu-Glu-Ile-Ser-Glu-Val-Asn-Sta-Val-Ala-Glu-Phe 1 mg vial

β-Secretase Substrate

Code Compound Package
3212-v MOCAc-Ser-Glu-Val-Asn-Leu-Asp-Ala-Glu-Phe-Arg-Lys(Dnp)-Arg-Arg-NH2 1 mg vial

γ-Secretase Inhibitors

Code Compound Package
4394-v L-685,458 1 mg vial
3219-v (3,5-Difluorophenylacetyl)-Ala-Phg-OBut (DAPT) 5 mg vial

γ-Secretase Substrate

Code Compound Package
3217-v Nma-Gly-Gly-Val-Val-Ile-Ala-Thr-Val-Lys(Dnp)-D-Arg-D-Arg-D-Arg-NH2 1 mg vial


Code Compound Package
14359-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-16) Antiserum 50 μl vial
14307-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 1-40) Antiserum 50 μl vial
14356-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 34-40) Antiserum 50 μl vial
14357-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 37-42) Antiserum 50 μl vial
14414-v Amyloid β-Protein (Human, 37-43) Antiserum 50 μl vial

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