Stable Isotope Labeled Peptides

A stable isotope-labeled peptide is a chemically synthesized peptide with the native sequence, but some of the constituent amino acids are replaced by the stable isotope-labeled amino acids incorporating 2H, 13C, and/or 15N atom(s). Such labeling results in altering the mass of a peptide by as little as a few Da, to as much as tens of Da from that of the parental peptide. LC-MS analysis of the labeled peptide makes the direct and highly efficient quantification of the natural peptide in samples prepared from the living body possible.

Characteristic Features


Code 3404-v 4-[D10]Leu-Insulin (Human) (+40 Da)


Code 3405-v [13C18,15N3]-Hepcidin (Human) (+21 Da)


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