Lipid A
Code 24008-s Lipid A (Salmonella)

We have successfully produced synthetic Lipid A (Salmonella), and are now distributing Lipid A in conjunction with Lipid A (E. coli) and Lipid IVa as catalog items, all of which are synthesized in a similar manner and purified extensively by applying highly advanced purification techniques to ensure that high purity is achieved, as well as homogeneous.
It is our policy to challenge ourselves with the synthesis of highly difficult compounds, requiring multiple steps to obtain the final products.

It is possible to synthesize compounds fluorescently-labeled at the lipid and/or other functional groups such as our catalog item GM3 labeled by NBD. In addition to this, some other modifications are available upon request, which include elongation and truncation of lipid chains, introduction of other compounds in place of a lipid, sulfation of sugar moiety, and so on.

GM3 Labelled by NBD

Code 24001-s GM3 Labelled by NBD

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