New Product and Technology


Effective and Safe Vaccine Adjuvant / New Lipid A

We have released new Lipid A from Alcaligenes faecalis. This is highly homogeneous chemically synthesized prod...


SARS-CoV / SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Fluorogenic Substrate

Peptides Institute Inc. is pleased to announce three types of substrates for the SARS-CoV main protease (SARS-...


Deoxyfructosyl Peptides/Amino Acids

Reducing sugars such as glucose are known to glycosylate proteins by non-enzymatic reaction with amino groups...


Phopsho Ubiquitin: [Ser(PO3H2)65]-Ubiquitin

In 2014, Koyano et al.1) and other groups2)-4) reported a novel function of ubiquitin, that [Ser(PO3H2)65]-ubi...


Novel Cancer Imaging Probe; 2-NBDLG

2-NBDG (code 23002-v) has been widely utilized for monitoring D-glucose uptake in a variety of mammalian cells...


Iron Regulatory Hormone – Hepcidin

High quality Hepcidin lineup from Peptide Institute, Inc. All peptides are prepared by chemical synthesis. We...



An anorexic peptide encoded by the preproghrelin gene



T-type Ca2+-Channel Blocker with Na+/K+-Channel Blocking Activity


Muscarinic Toxin 3

Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor(M4) specific ligand


Adrenomedullin 2 / Intermedin

Novel Adrenomedullin! with different physiological role?

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