Novel Cancer Imaging Probe; 2-NBDLG 2016/02/02


2-NBDG (code 23002-v) has been widely utilized for monitoring D-glucose uptake in a variety of mammalian cells1). 2-NBDLG (code 23003-v), an antipode of 2-NBDG, was initially developed as the control substrate derived from L-glucose which is not used as major source of energy2, 3).
Surprisingly, 2-NBDLG uptake into spheroid-forming MIN6 insulinoma was found out by Yamada et al.4, 5). Moreover, Onoe et al. showed that a high contrast between a tumor cell (C6 glioma) and a normal one in tumor model mouse can be obtained by administration of 2-NBDLG4).
Imaging method using 2-NBDLG is expected as a new diagnostics of cancers.

Code Compound Quantity Price (Yen)
23002-v 2-NBDG 0.5 mg vial 5,000
23003-v 2-NBDLG 0.5 mg vial 15,000

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Author: Yuji Otsuka

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