Iron Regulatory Hormone – Hepcidin 2013/12/13

High quality Hepcidin lineup from Peptide Institute, Inc.
All peptides are prepared by chemical synthesis.
We also offer different animal species, different length, and/or different labeling by custom synthesis.
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Code Compound Quantity Price (Yen)
4392-s Hepcidin / LEAP-1 (Human) 0.1 mg vial 18,000
4434-s Hepcidin 1 (Mouse) 0.1 mg vial 22,000
4467-v Hepcidin (Rat) 50 μg vial 28,000
3405-v [13C18,15N3]-Hepcidin (Human) 20 μg vial 20,000


HPLC analysis of Hepcidin (Human)


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